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Like many other philanthropies, COVID Lateral was created as an LLC rather than a foundation. We do not accept outside donations or investment. This allows us to operate more nimbly in the face of a rapidly evolving pandemic. Thus, we’re able to support both companies and non-profits. It was more expensive on our end, as the benefit of tax exemption was lost, but it was the right thing to do.

Our Focus is entirely on point-of-care diagnostics that are simple enough to someday be approved for at-home use. Both sample collection and processing occur on site, and there is no involvement of a central lab. We leave the development of the chemistry itself to other teams, as our focus is entirely on the platforms and hardware necessary to run and read the results of the reactions. There are two paths:

Lateral flow assays (LFAs), or “paper tests,” are most commonly seen in drug store pregnancy tests. LFAs have the potential to be manufactured in volumes of millions per day.

Electronic readout hardware has the potential to read out assay results without LFAs. LAMP-type assays for home use would require a handheld, multi-use, low-cost, open-source programmable heater/luminescent reader device for the readout of multiplex single-pot LAMP-type isothermal molecular tests. So, we are supporting teams that are building these.

Other relevant technology, such as advanced sample collection technology, is also under consideration.

We’re always happy to discuss potential collaboration. Contact us here.

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